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MILTA, a synergy 

The MILTA-therapy has its roots in one of the most advanced areas of biotechnology. This extremely innovative therapeutic method is now made available to practicioners.


The technology is based on using the close relations that exist in quantum physics between the living tissues and photons which are emitted with low intensity in the visible and near infrared.


Practitioners have the possibility to enrich their daily practice by using, under the best conditions, the lights's analgesic, anti-inflammatory, restorative, healing, immuno-stimulating properties.


This therapy was initially created, developed and used by medical and scientific teams specialized in aerospace medical research, as well as in the US as in Russia.


Characteristics of Milta emissions

The synergic action of 5 biophysical and propagative factors provide for the effect of the Milta device. 

The NPCL (Nano-Pulsed Cold Laser) emissions in coherent infrared light, at 905 nanometers

Non-coherent emissions, pulsed by trichromatic RGB CSM diodes (400 to 650 nm)

Continuous non-coherent infrared emissions 

monochromatic diodes at 905 nanometers

A constant circular magnetic field (200 millitesla) equivalent to the terrestrial magnetic field

The effect of the magnetic tunnel 


the light propagation

emmeteur milta photobiomodulation

Magnetic tunnel

The magnetic tunnel if of vital importance to the MITLA technology for three major reasons:


 ● it potentialises the biological effets of waves and particles.

 ● It generates a constant magnetic fiels, which promotes lymphatic drainage and helps eliminating metabolic waste related to cellular regeneration.

 ● Conventional lasers and soft-lasers (artificial light) emit left-turning fields which are incompatible with the functions of living tissues. This is not the case with the Milta biotechnology.

 ● The magnetic tunnel used in the Milta technology provides light with right-turning fields which is identical to natural light sources (the sun).

 ● This propagation corresponds to the light field's natural structure and is therefore perfectly compatible with biological activity.

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