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Making practitioners aware of photobiomodulation and providing them with basic knowledge for the use of MILTA in their medical and paramedical practices are the objectives of MILTA | PHYSIOQUANTA.

This training is provided by D. BOBIN, a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Energy, teaching alternative medicine for 20 years. 

Formation Milta

Faire connaître aux praticiens la photomodulation et leur fournir les connaissances de base pour l'utilisation du MILTA dans leurs pratiques médicales et paramédicales sont les objectifs des formations MILTA | PHYSIOQUANTA.

Cette formation est assurée par D. BOBIN, diplômé de l'institut d'énergétique de Moscou, enseignant les médecines alternatives depuis 20 années. 

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The MIL-THERAPIE  is an original and revolutionary therapeutic method designed and developed by very high level doctors and physicists for aerospace medicine.
This new holistic therapeutic concept applies the principles of "quantum physics" applied to therapy in many specialties.

MIL-THERAPY combines the therapeutic properties of several physico-energetic agents such as: magnetic fields, infrared radiation, monochromatic coherent light and pulsed chromotherapy.
MIL-THERAPY responds to all practitioners wishing to be truly effective in the many acute or chronic pathologies of an algic, inflammatory, degenerative or infectious nature.

MIL-THERAPY can be used in all forms of medical or para-medical practice, whether conventional (physiotherapy, traumatology, sports medicine, general medicine, stomatology and all medical specialties, etc.) or alternative ( osteopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, reflex therapies, homeopathy, etc.).

Since 1998 (Victory of the French team at the Football World Cup), Mil-therapy has been associated with the performances of the greatest champions in the most prestigious events such as:

- World Cup and European Football Championships,
- olympic games 2000, 2004, 2008,
- European athletics championships,
- World cycling championships: Paris-Roubaix, Tour de France, Tour of Italy, etc.,
- French basketball championships.
The effectiveness and above all the speed of healing of pathologies linked to the practice of sports, make Mil-therapy the essential auxiliary for the practitioner of physiotherapy medicine and sports podiatry.



Mil-Therapy has multiple actions: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oedematous, healing, immunostimulant, antispasmodic, energostimulant on biologically active points (acupuncture, reflexology).


To introduce practitioners of all orientations to quantum therapy and provide them with the basic knowledge for the use of Mil-Therapy in their medical and paramedical practices.


It is provided by D. BOBIN, graduate of the Institute of Energy in Moscow, teaching alternative medicine for 20 years. Other speakers may intervene.



Introduction and history: from aerospace medicine to the practitioner's MIL-Therapy.
Basic concepts in quantum medicine.
Mechanisms of action of Mil-Therapy:
magnetic fields, monochromatic coherent light emission, pulsed chromotherapy.
The role of blood and its non-invasive therapy.
The main properties of MIL-therapy.
The main therapy zones: Zakharine-Guede-Viliamovski zones, organic zones, endocrine zones, etc.
Any contraindications.
Application techniques:
direct cutaneous, intracavity (buccal, nasal, auricular rectal, vaginal, etc.), extracorporeal.
Therapeutic modalities:
treatment time, power of emissions, repetition of sessions, treatment positions, conduct of Milta therapy, possible therapeutic combinations.
Therapeutic programming: toxemia, immunostimulant, state of stress, chronic fatigue, etc.
Main indications and therapeutic programs in Mil-therapy:
sports medicine,
holistic dental medicine,
reflexotherapy (sympaticotherapy, auriculotherapy, podoreflexology, etc.).

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